My Favourite Palette- Inglot Freedom System

To kick things off I figured I would share one of my all time favourite beauty products and my favourite go-to palette. I have been a big fan on the Inglot Cosmetics range for years and I currently have 6 of their freedom system eyeshadow palettes. I won’t go too much into the details about the brand itself as the beauty blogging community is well aware of the quality and affordability of these shadows. I want to share this particular palette with you however, because I find it is the palette I go to without hesitation on most days regardless of the occasion. I put the palette together for the basis of travel, so the idea was to have a good mix of colours and finishes all in one palette that I could easily chuck in my handbag. I have well over 50 of these colours which are all beautiful, but I figured showing this palette could help people narrow down their selection of colours based on versatility and colours that would work well together in many different situations.

Here is my favourite ten pan eyeshadow palette:Image

As you probably know, the Inglot freedom system is a magnetized palette that you purchase and then fill with your favourite colours (the selection is never-ending and I spend hours in the store everytime I go). I chose all neutral colours for this palette as with the exception of some yellows or oranges, I am definitely a neutral girl.

With the selection of shadows that I picked, I find I can create an amazing array of looks. I use this palette for daytime looks for work and uni, as well as smokey looks for the evening.


Top row left to right:

Pearl 405, Matte 357, D.S 460, D.S 457, AMC 64

Bottom Row left to right:

AMC Shine 35, Pearl 151, Pearl 357, Matte 352, D.S 463


As you can see, the shadows are ridiculously pigmented and buttery. I took these swatches with the lightest touch to the pan. They also last beautifully on the lid and blend like no other shadow I’ve ever used!


The only issues I have with these shadows, and I feel like a broken record saying it, but they need to start giving the shades names and make it easier to get the pans in and out of the palettes. Other than that though, the are absolutely beautiful shadows and I have never regreted any of my Inglot eyeshadow purchases!

Thanks for reading guys and please let me know if you are interested in my swatching ALL of my Inglot shadows.

Enjoy the rest of your day, lovelies!



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